When looking for the most current version of specific immigration forms, visit the website of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. There, all immigration forms for public use are available for download at www.uscis.gov/forms.

The listing by title includes form number, filing fee and edition information.

Additionally, you can search for specific immigration forms by category:

  • Employment-based
  • Family-based
  • Green Card-based
  • Humanitarian Benefits-based
  • Citizenship and Naturalization-based

Resist the temptation to use immigration forms provided by a non-USCIS website and rather heed the warning posted by USCIS:

Many non-USCIS websites offer immigration forms. Some will sell you a downloadable form for a fee. These sites are not affiliated with USCIS, and these sites may not have the latest versions of forms. In some circumstances, use of older forms may result in your application or petition being denied or delayed. The latest version of these forms is always available on www.USCIS.gov.

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