As reported by the St. George News, effective July 1, 2012, all immigration consultants in Utah will have to register with the Division of Consumer Protection, where they have to submit a fingerprint card, a $50,000 bond, a photo ID, a passport-type picture, and an application fee of $240.

A lot of immigrants and refuges peruse the services of immigration consultants based on the fact that they charge less than immigration attorneys and some of them might only need help in filling out the at times complex immigration paperwork without any need for an attorney’s legal advice.

As Utah state Senator Luz Robles points out, the new legislation protects immigrants and refugees from predatory practices and identity fraud. After all, the individuals that are helping fill out this immigration paperwork, have access to your original birth certificates, your passports, your ID, everything.

Also, as Robles indicates, the translation of certain words from Spanish to English can lead to confusion for immigrants and refugees from Latin American countries.

“The word ‘notary,’ which is called ‘notario’ in Spanish, is considered an attorney and actually has a higher ranking than just a regular attorney in (Latin American countries),” said Robles.

“(Some immigrants think) they’re dealing with an attorney, when in reality it’s not an attorney. So we’re trying to prevent any misunderstanding of people’s roles, because it’s not the same thing seeing an attorney … versus just someone that is helping them fill out the paperwork,” Robles continued.

“We want to legitimize that business. The vast majority (of immigration consultants) are honorable people, they’re trying to help (immigrants and refugees), and they’re providing a service that has a demand. We’re just trying to make sure there’s also protection.”

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